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Specialists since 1997



Bonds Skin Clinic

Welcome to Bonds Skin Clinic, established since 1997 we offer our services in elegant & luxurious settings in a historical building within Finn & Co Hair Salon, in Northampton town centre.

With over 20 years experience each, our highly trained team, Georgina and Larissa specialise in high end, exclusive skin treatments giving you the very best services.

Our specialist team pride ourselves in offering you solutions to your skin concerns with treatment plans to reach your goals. With clinics for skin lesions, cosmetic imperfections and blemishes, anti ageing, skin maintenance, skin concerns and hair removal treatments, we can help enhance the way you look and feel.

We look forward to welcoming you into our skin clinic in Northampton, where our friendly team will look after you.

Beauty Products

Skin Blemish Removal

We understand how skin blemishes such as moles, skin tags or milia can affect your confidence. 


At Bonds Skin Clinic, we offer a range of minimally invasive treatments that work effectively to remove these imperfections and restore your self-esteem. 


Take a look at our specialist skin treatments and book an appointment with us in Northampton. 


If you are fed up of constant shaving or at-home hair removal, Electrolysis could be the solution. 


A popular method for removing unwanted facial hair as well as body hair, it works by destroying the hair follicle with heat to prevent growth. 


Learn more about the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal and visit our clinic for a consultation.


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Our Skin Clinic offers aesthetic techniques for all your skincare needs, from cosmetic imperfections, skin lesions and blemishes to rejuvenation procedures and traditional hands on facial therapies.

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We use the only proven method of electrolysis to permanently remove unwanted facial hair. To temporarily remove hair, waxing is still a popular method.

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Offering a dedicated mens clinic, we understand men want treatments too.

mens treatment at bonds skin clinic

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Injectable skin boosters are essentially hyaluronic injections to give your skin a boost of hydration and achieve a more youthful complexion.

Get in touch

Not sure which treatment is right for you? We’d love to help. 


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The ultimate treat for someone special.

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Beauty Clinic

Traditional beauty treatments can help to enhance the way you look and feel about yourself. Treat yourself to a lash or brow treatment at our Northampton Skin Clinic. 

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Wellness Clinic

Our Wellness Clinic focuses on therapies that help to treat you as a whole person, mentally, physically, environmentally, spiritually and help with connectivity.

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