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Advanced Electrolysis

At Bonds Skin Clinic, we can help with skin blemish and mole removal with Advanced Electrolysis treatments. View treatment options here.

Advanced Electrolysis is a specialist skin treatment that can be used to successfully  remove, visibly reduce and improve the appearance of a variety of skin lesions, cosmetic skin imperfections and blemishes, offering immediate and effective results.

Advanced electrolysis is one of the least invasive and most reliable methods, treating a wide variety of cosmetic skin imperfections including;

  • Skin Tags

  • Moles / Mole Reduction

  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis 

  • Sunspots

  • Age Spots

  • Liver Spots

  • Warts

  • Dermatosis Papua Nigra

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Milia

  • Xanthelasma

  • Thread Veins / Spider Veins

  • Spider Naevi

  • Blood Spots

  • Cherry Angioma

  • Closed Comedones

  • Syringoma

  • Dermatosis

Advanced electrolysis in Northampton

Cryotherapy is also an effective method of removal for skin blemishes and lesions. If you're unsure of which treatment is best for you, please book a consultation with us.

What to expect

Before your procedure

Please do not use retinol, chemical peels or any exfoliating products or invasive treatments 1 week before your procedure or aspirin or ibuprofen 48 hours before. If you have any questions please email the Clinic. Once you have booked your appointment with us a consultation form will be emailed to you for us to gather more information.

During your procedure

Advanced Electrolysis works by using an electric current and an ultra fine probe to cauterise and lift away skin imperfections. This produces a heating effect which, when applied to the blemish destroys the imperfection. Depending on the blemish it will be cauterised or coagulated and you may feel some slight stinging during your treatment, we can use numbing cream to help you feel more comfortable. Using a probe allows precision work to the blemish which won't interfere with the surrounding tissue.

After your procedure

The healing time and process will be different for each person and some types of skin blemish, lesions or moles may require multiple treatments to achieve complete removal. Generally, we allow 2 weeks for healing with results becoming more visible after 4 weeks, with some lesions taking 12 weeks to 6 months. Redness and swelling should be expected for 24-48 hours  afterwards and you may experience fine crusts and scabs. We advise using our aloe vera gel to help with healing and protecting the area from the sun using our SPF50. Please do not interfere with any of the natural healing process. Your skin aesthetic practitioner will go over this with you in more detail at our Northampton clinic during your procedure.

Please be aware we can not guarantee removal but most lesions have a successful outcome of removal or reduction, with some lesions needing multiple treatments for the desired outcome.

The results from having Advanced Electrolysis remove a cosmetic blemish can be truly life enhancing for many of our clients, talk to us to see how we can help you. 

Advanced Electrolysis Treatments

Advanced Electrolysis Treatments
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