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Cryotherapy Treatments/

At Bonds Skin Clinic in Northampton, we can help with skin tag and blemish removal with Cryotherapy treatments. View treatment options here.

Cryotherapy, also known as Cryosurgery, is a highly effective and safe procedure used to remove benign skin lesions such as skin tags. It uses liquified nitrous oxide, administered to the affected area with a cryo pen, to destroy the tissue by freezing the cells within the lesion to break it down and eventually remove it.

Cryotherapy is quicker than other techniques of skin tag or lesion removal, it requires no anaesthesia and has minimal down time. It is carried out regularly at our Northampton clinic can be used to treat any benign skin lesion including;  

  • Skin Tags

  • Moles / Mole Reduction

  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis 

  • Sunspots

  • Age Spots

  • Liver Spots

  • Warts

  • Dermatosis Papua Nigra

  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Scars

  • Verucas

  • Milia

  • Xanthelasma

  • Thread Veins / Spider Veins

  • Spider Naevi

  • Blood Spots

  • Cherry Angioma

  • Closed Comedones

  • Syringoma

  • Dermatosis

cryotherapy treatment in Northampton

Cryo pen treatment can be effectively used to remove any benign skin lesion which can no longer be treated by a doctor under the NHS due to its cosmetic nature. We understand that for many people, benign skin lesions can affect self confidence and mental wellbeing. This treatment can be life changing for many of our patients, allowing them to release any trauma or limiting beliefs associated with any benign skin lesions they may have. We use this treatment to create a positive pathway for patients on their skin journey.

Advanced Electrolysis is also an effective method of removal for skin blemishes and lesions. If you're unsure of which treatment is best for you, please book a consultation with us.

What to expect

Cryotherapy is a quick treatment with each lesion being treated for between 1-30 seconds with a freeze, thaw, freeze method. You may experience mild discomfort and a little residual stinging for a few minutes afterwards. A blister or redness may also form around the lesion. Over the next few weeks a scab will form, be sure not to pick any scabbing as this could lead to scarring. Larger lesions may follow a scabbing cycle a few times before the lesion has healed fully. Overall, lesions take between 2-6 weeks to heal fully depending on their size.


For most lesions, cryotherapy is a permanent removal. Some lesions are harder to remove than others and will require more than one treatment which your aesthetic practitioner will advise on during your consultation and review 6 weeks after treatment.


For some patients, pigment changes can sometimes occur following this treatment. This is more common in darker skin types due to higher amounts of melanin pigments in the skin. A patch test may be required beforehand to avoid long-term lightening or darkening in certain  areas, known as hyperpigmentation. 

 Cryotherapy treatments

  • Consultation to diagnose skin lesions

    30 min

    50 British pounds
  • Price vary depending on number of lesions to be treated

    30 min

    Starting from £175
Cryosurgery Treatments
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