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At Bonds Skin Clinic in Northampton, we specialise in offering a permanent hair removal solution using Electrolysis. View our treatment options here.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only FDA/medically approved method of permanent hair removal. It is suitable for any skin or hair colour and is a very popular method for facial hair removal. Facial hair growth can be debilitating for some people, with home and other methods of hair removal proving futile.  This technique, although can be slow,  truly enhances clients confidence and quality of life.  

electrolysis for hair removal in Northampton clinic

What to expect

A tiny fine probe is inserted into each follicle where a current is applied which destroys the follicle with heat. Although instant results of hair removal is seen, this is a progressive treatment and the hairs will need multiple treatments before improvement is seen. Patients need to understand that weekly or fortnightly treatments is normal practice for the first few months.  Patients normally find appointments can be monthly after 3-6 months of consistent treatment with many eventually only needing random appointments.


We offer a 15 minute consultation and treatment for electrolysis at our clinic in Northampton. This includes a few hairs being treated so you can experience what the treatment will be like and time to discuss a treatment plan.

Electrolysis Treatments

Electrolysis Treatments

If you're undecided on permanent hair removal, we also offer waxing. 

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