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At Bonds Skin Clinic in Northampton, we specialise in offering a range of waxing treatments to suit your needs.  View treatment options here.

Waxing is a semi permanent hair removal system. Hair is removed from the root giving a softer, finer regrowth.  When you first begin waxing your regrowth may seem quicker than you expected, this is because of the different hair cycles and could take a few waxing treatments before your hairs grow through at the same time and start to slow down.  The results can last from 2-6 weeks and if done regularly after several years permanent hair reduction can be achieved.

Waxing can be uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt as much as many people think. At our Northampton clinic, we are highly experienced and aim to make your waxing experience as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

leg waxing in Northampton
Waxing Treatments
Hot Wax or Strip Wax?

One is not better than the other, thats why we offer both, its about the type of hair, area and skin being waxed.  Hot wax is good for small areas of sensitive skin with short or thick hair and we use a luxury vegan product from Jax Wax.  The warm strip wax is a quick method good for large areas with fine hair and we use a vegan creme wax from Hara.

Jax Wax

Jax Wax is a luxury range of hot and strip wax which are vegan and paraben free.  With enticing flavours like coconut and lime you will enjoy a less painful waxing experience with unrivalled results.


This traditional strip wax which we have been using for 25 years comes in velvety pink or aloe vera creme which is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive. Also vegan and paraben free.

What to expect

Before your wax
During your wax
After your wax

Waxing Treatments

  • A range of intimate waxing services. Available for ladies only.

    45 min

    Starting from £35
  • Half leg to full leg waxing

    45 min

    Starting from £35
  • Underarm to full arm waxing

    30 min

    Starting from £30
  • Including lip and chin waxing

    15 min

    Starting from £20
Waxing Treatments

If you're looking for a more permanent method of hair removal, we also offer electrolysis

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